China Burning Bibles – Forcing Believers to Renounce Their Faith

Absolute Truth from the Word of God

Could this be us in the near future?

Not since the brutal reign of Mao Zedong has the Chinese government cracked down on Christianity. President Xi Jinping will not tolerate Christianity in China and is on a rampage to crush believers in his country.

A Powerful Sermon from a Bible believing Pastor

The English caption is there, but I will type his words under this amazing sermon for the reader:

Sermon by Pastor Wang Yi in China – What a courageous brother!

Pastor Wang’s sermon      (see the text of his sermon directly below this)

Words of Pastor Wang Yi’s sermon

“All of the weaknesses we experience in Christian life, why are you still caught up in lies?  Why are you still lingering in all of that sordid malice?  It is because you are afraid of persecution.  It is because you do not believe that persecution is a blessing…

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